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Echamos una Pata

The Echamos una Pata program was born out of the need to add value to the social environment of which we are a part. In it, we group all our campaigns and actions whose common denominator is the search for new opportunities for pets and people who need them and, above all, deserve them.

Our projects

Can de la mano

Program of visits to long-term patients admitted to La Fe Hospital in Valencia by assistance dogs.


Direct collaboration with local cat colonies and construction of their own spaces for knowledge, coexistence and adoption of cats.

Solidarity days

Organization of charity markets and raffles, fundraising sporting events, animal welfare fairs, etc.


Monthly deliveries of cat and dog food to local shelters and associations.

In addition, in each Miscota there is a food collection point for customers who wish to collaborate in these deliveries.

In 2018 we have achieved

  • Donate30tons of animal feed

  • Helping11,600dogs and cats

  • Collaborate with30shelters at the national level

How do we help shelters?

Monthly donations

Elke maand werken we samen met gemiddeld 4-5 dierenasielen met donaties variërend van 600 tot 900 kg gedoneerd voer per asiel.

Solidarity campaigns

We carry out contests with the aim of helping the shelters of our country. In some of them we have donated up to 1 ton of feed between 3 shelters.