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We are Miscota. We have 25 years of experience and specialisation in the pet sector. We want to be one more of your home and we want you to count on us as if we were part of it. We want to be... "One more of your family".

Our identity

We are committed to innovation in all our processes, the selection of exclusive and quality products, and 100% personalised advice through an extensive omnichannel network. Our priority is to give every visitor, regardless of their species, a unique experience.

Our services

Nothing would be possible without a specialized, multidisciplinary, and constantly evolving team that makes us a reference in the areas of customer experience, expert advice, veterinary medicine, dog and cat shearing and grooming, and canine education.

Our project

We want to be the pet shop of choice and bring Miscota to every corner of the map. Currently, our expansion plan is still in progress, and we have an increasing number of shops, a leading ecommerce in the sector and an ambitious franchisee proposal for new entrepreneurs and owners.

Our commitment

De levenskwaliteit van dieren in al hun levensfasen garanderen is onze raison d'être. Naast de beste producten en een adviesdienst die het welzijn van het gezelschapsdier als prioriteit heeft, ontwikkelen wij permanent een solidair programma van sociale samenwerking waarbij wij kansarme dieren de helpende hand bieden.

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